About Us

Personalised Online Tutoring

Who are we? JMTutoring was set up in order to provide English tuition and education to students.

Based in Reigate (Surrey) and Burgess Hill (Sussex), we offer online English tuition for 11+ , KS3, GCSE, ‘A’ level students and can offer advice on degree level essays and dissertations. 

Our Philosophy

JMTutoring was founded on a person-centred approach to learning and development. Whether held online, or face to face in Reigate (Surrey) or Burgess Hill (Sussex), we are here to support students. 

By offering online English tutoring and other tuition outside of the school setting, we are able to cater for each student’s individual needs. First, lessons build confidence in English and then help learners in their academic achievement. 

We understand the various pressures that students face in the classroom and in the modern education system. So our aim is simple: to support students, their parents and carers, in an individualised way. By getting to know each of the learners, we are able to tailor the online tuition for them. 

As a result of this, we have no ‘typical’ student. Sometimes our ‘A’ level English students will go onto Oxbridge or to study English as a degree, other times we will support with children with SEN who are not in mainstream schools. At JMTutoring, every child matters and their learning and well being is our priority.  

Throughout primary school I was an avid reader, but – like so many others – when I reached secondary school English was one of my least favourite subjects and I stopped reading almost altogether. 

It was only because of an open evening at the college, and talking to one of the English teachers there, that my interest in the subject began again. Since then, I have not looked back. 



“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. A person who never reads lives only one.”

George RR Martin

“The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.”


Starting as a scientist who loved literature and drama, I have evolved into a passionate English and drama teacher. I have taught English, Drama and Science at both junior and secondary levels as well as tutoring up to A level.  The support includes the development of good study habits and writing coherent, well-structured essays

A post-graduate course in child neurodevelopment with the Institute of Neurophysiological Psychology in Chester has enabled me to support and teach children of all abilities. These include specific learning challenges such as dyslexia, dyspraxia and school phobia. I am dyslexic myself but have never let it hold me back. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Are you DBS checked?

Yes, a DBS certificate is available on request, should you require it. 

Do you set homework?

For most students, there will be some tasks set between one session and the next. The scale and difficulty of the tasks varies from one student to the next and are selected in order to consolidate the learning within the sessions.

What professional standards do you meet?

  • DBS checked
  • Fully insured
  • First aid trained
  • In classroom teaching experience

What exam boards do you teach?

All of them!

For English language and literature, all exam boards are covered up to and including ‘A’ level. 



For ad-hoc sessions, there is a charge of £45 per hour, but this is reduced to £40 when purchased in a block. 

Invoices are sent out each half term and session times are only confirmed upon receipt of payment. 

Where is the tutoring held?

Online English tuition students get personalised, professional English tuition from the comfort of their own home. For face-to-face tuition, most lessons are held at the tutor’s home. There are exceptions to this, particularly for home educated students, but please note travel costs may be incurred. Please contact JMTutoring for more information.


Jennie taught me throughout my English A-level, and I couldn't be more glad! Her lessons broke down hard passages and poems, making them understandable and enjoyable. Come exam time, my confidence was bolstered and I was able to get in to the uni of my choice with her support. I couldn't recommend her enough.
A Level student