Home Education

More parents are choosing to educate their children at home, but it can be difficult to navigate exam rules as external candidates. So we are here to help navigate that mine-field.

Through 1:1 tuition, we offer a range of teaching methods that suit the child. We are able to go at a pace that works for them, and cover texts they are interested in. Our lessons are scaffolded so that they can sit public examinations, if they choose to.

Our home educated students are from a variety of backgrounds. From primary age, through to GCSE and beyond, we help to scaffold their learning. We understand that children and their parents are choosing to home educate for a reason. It’s important for us to get to know our students and their ideas about learning. That way, we can make progress together. 

Based in Reigate and Burgess Hill, we offer face-to-face lessons in Surrey/Sussex. For those further afield, we offer a bespoke online tutoring service. 

Home learning

Structured Learning

Home schooling is tough. But one of the key benefits of having online 1:1 lessons with an experienced teacher is that it helps to structure the learning for the student. Online tutors set clear goals are set out for the sessions and are tailored for each student. Every lesson is matched to their individual learning plan and so make better progress.

Yes, we will set homework! We find this helps to build independence and gives the children freedom to express themselves. This homework usually expands on the work done together and gives them a chance to deepen their understanding. At the start of the next lesson, we go through what they’ve completed and mark it together. Students therefore understand what they’ve done well, and areas of improvement.

Build Skills

1:1 online tutoring is one of the best ways at rapidly improving students skills in a range of subjects. 

Experienced teachers understand how to develop these skills. We use individualised project work so we can support the child in their own learning journey. 

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Reading Packs

Reading packs and book recommendations aimed at KS3 and GCSE students will be coming from September 2023. 

More bespoke learning packages are available for children who are being home educated. 

We are currently developing our members-only area, due to be launched in the autumn term. This will haves tailor made resources to help students stay on track with their studies whether they are home-educating or in school. 

Home Education Timetable

There is limited availability left for the 2022-2023 academic year. 

Online English lessons and academic support is available throughout the week. Please contact us for more information on available lesson times. 

For further information, please contact us