Lead English Tutor

Jennifer Marvin

I established JMTutoring in order to provide bespoke, expert tuition. We support students who were being educated at home, and those who want help in their academic studies.

My ethos, and the ethos of JMTutoring, is student focused. We provide inclusive online support and online tutoring for a range of students, whether they’re hoping to achieve top grades or looking for additional help to break topics and ideas down into manageable pieces.

Jennifer English tutor

My Students' Successes


I have 10 years of experience teaching students for the 11+ examinations. Recently, students have received places at schools including Sutton Grammar, Henrietta Barnett and Tiffin schools.

Entrance Exams

I'm very proud of my students who have excelled in their entrance exams. This year, this has included students being awarded scholarships at Caterham School and Reigate Grammar school, as well as interview places for prestigious schools such as Westminster and Eton.


My GCSE students develop their confidence and ability to analyse texts for English language and English literature GCSEs. I have had students go on to achieve two grades higher than their predicted grades, and supported students resitting their English language exams.

A Level

At A level, I often continue to support those I have tutored for GCSE. Additionally, my A level students continue to study English (or another, related subject) at undergraduate level.

About Me

Bristol University

Throughout primary school I was an avid reader, but – like so many others – by secondary school English was one of my least favourite subjects. I stopped reading almost altogether. Consequently, I understand the reluctance of students to read, but also how vital reading is for a good education.

It was only because of an open evening at a college, and talking to one of the English teachers there, that my interest in the subject began again. Since then, I have not looked back. 

I trained as an English teacher in a 6th form centre in Birmingham and was there for two years before moving to Reigate in 2014.

Since then, I have been teaching KS3 and 4 in the classroom. Alongside this, I have tutored students to prepare them for entrance exams including the 11+, 13+ and 16+, GCSE and ‘A’ level exams. As an online English tutor, I’ve helped students across the country and as far afield as Hong Kong and Singapore. 

I completed a second masters degree in 2018, specialising in literacy and inclusive practice in schools. My main focus for this was on effective reading schemes and building interest in books for reluctant readers. 

My Passion

Like many other online English tutors and teachers, my passion lies in books: novels, poetry, short stories. Diving into a novel has been a comfort for me during difficult times, and the idea of escaping into a different world through words on the page is my idea of heaven. I still aim to read every day, usually with some success. 

That passion for books and all things literature translates to my teaching and online tutoring. Not every one likes to read, and many children stop reading when they reach secondary school, but it remains a vital skill that children will need to succeed in their GCSE exams. My enthusiasm for literature helps to encourage students to read themselves. By creating a relaxed atmosphere in the lessons, students who typically hate reading begin to enjoy the lessons and learn more. Children have heard it time and time again that they need to read: they’ve heard the lectures from parents and teachers telling them it’s important. Instead, I show them how the books they’re reading connect together. Children begin to see how texts all link and influence each other, how the history and the people of the time inform what’s been written. 

My Goals

I became an online English tutor because I love the subject. I joke with many of my GCSE students that my ultimate goal is to get them to study it at ‘A’ level. Then, when they’re in college, I joke that my goal is to get them to do a degree in English. But, if I were to be perfectly honest, they’re not really jokes. 

My daily online teaching goals are to help students enjoy English literature and English Language. Not every student will go on to Oxbridge to study English, but the aim of every session is for them to improve their understanding of the texts we’re looking at and for the students to enjoy themselves.

In my spare time I run a local adult writing group, Reigate Writers. Alongside this, I am writing a collection of short stories and have other writing projects on the go, including regularly updating the blog with recommended reading.