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See improvements in attainment with regular, reliable marking and feedback.

Our Feedback Services

Personalised exam marking and feedback

Mock Exams

JM Tutoring produce their own mock exam papers for 11+, GCSE and A level English Language and Literature.
These exams replicate the kind of texts and questions that students will face in the real assessments and ensure they're prepared to answer the questions.

Professionally Assessed

With years of experience in secondary schools, 6th form centres and marking for exam boards, JM Tutoring understands the assessment criteria of the GCSEs and A level exams implicitly.

Detailed Marking

With each question, students will be marked according to exam criteria, but then this will be decoded for them to give them areas to improve on next time.

Review Lessons

After each exam, it is recommended that a review lesson is booked in order to go through the finer details of the feedback and to verbally reinforce areas of improvement.

Mock Exams, 11+, GCSE, Alevel marking and feedback

Benefits of Mock Exams

Many students underperform in mock examinations in schools for a host of reasons: anxiety is often a factor in student performance; being unfamiliar with the exam process can lead to lower grades; potentially, a lack of revision leading up to the mocks highlights gaps in knowledge and learning.

By taking mock exams at home, it is possible to eliminate some of these problems. Instead, they provide additional practice for the student to get them used to sitting and concentrating for the length of time required. Students receive detailed student-friendly feedback that highlights what they’ve done well and areas to develop in their next assessment. By focusing on the feedback given to them, the process is about learning and developing exam skills, not about testing them and making judgments. They are not ranked or compared with anyone else, but students get clarity about what grade they’re currently working at, and how to improve.  

11+ and Entrance Exams


A Level

How Mock Exams Work

JMTutoring regularly hold mock exams online for students to take. Papers will be emailed out prior to the exam ready for the students to take. Exams will take place online and so will be invigilated by an experienced teacher in order for students to practise the timings of each exam. 

Once completed, the exams are then scanned or photographed and sent back to us via email in order for them to be marked quickly and efficiently.

For multiple choice exams, such as some 11+ and entrance exams, mocks will take place online. These may be done at any time and are marked by computer.  

You will receive feedback on the exam and areas of development by the end of the following week, with the option of also booking in a tutorial session to go through the exam with a qualified teacher.

Exam boards covered include AQAEdexcel and WJEC.

Marking and feedback of mock exams

Exams taken in School

Additional Feedback

For examinations and assessments taken within school, JMTutoring also offer additional feedback in order to help students in their learning process. For these assessments, JMTutoring will not suggest a mark or grade as these can be obtained by their school teachers. Instead, we offer feedback and suggestions of areas of improvement. 

Please contact us for further information and fees. 

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