One-to-One Tuition

One-to-One Tuition Services

There are multiple benefits of regular one-to-one tuition for students. It increases their self-confidence. 1:1 allows the student to familiarise themselves with the exams and assessment strategies. And finally, it gives students the opportunity to explore areas of the subject that they find difficult in a safe space.

By centring the learning on the individual student, we see rapid progress in obvious areas like academic attainment. But by placing the child at the centre of their own learning, it’s also possible to improve self-confidence and their ability to communicate key ideas.

Our face-to-face tuition services are based in Reigate and Burgess Hill UK, but we have plenty of options for online tutoring for those further afield. 


All subjects covered, including maths, English, verbal and non-verbal reasoning. 

Creative writing lessons are also available for 11+ students, as well as in depth comprehension activities using a range of different texts.

Key Stage 3

Catch-up maths sessions are offered for children who need to recap the basics.

English literature and English language sessions are offered for students. to prepare them for their GCSE courses.

English Lessons will cover a range of creative and analytical writing and comprehension strategies. Children typically cover war poetry, conventions of different literary genres, literary non-fiction, novels and an introduction to Shakespeare.

Key Stage 4

English Language

All exam boards are covered. Students will develop comprehension skills through reading unseen fiction and literary non-fiction texts. Exam questions and mock exams are discussed at length to prepare students for their GCSE exams.

English Literature

All exam boards are covered.

Students study in depth a 19th century novel, a Shakespeare play, an anthology of poetry and a modern text. All texts offered, including Macbeth and Romeo and Juliet.

'A' Level


English Language

English Language and Literature

All exam boards covered. 

Parent and Student Reviews

Tutoring has a really positive impact on students, but don’t just take our word for it. This is what some of our students and their parents had to say.

Jennifer has just started working with my son and he is progressing really well. [My son] has special needs and Jennifer is able to tailor the session to meet his needs and he responds to her really well. Jennifer comes across as a lovely person and I would recommend her.

Tracey J

Jennie taught me throughout my English A-level, and I couldn’t be more glad! Her lessons broke down hard passages and poems, making them understandable and enjoyable. Come exam time, my confidence was bolstered and I was able to get in to the uni of my choice with her support. I couldn’t recommend her enough.

Gabriella W

Myself and my 13 year old daughter were very pleased to meet Jennifer and she made us feel at ease and was confident with what she could offer us to support my daughter. Jennifer is a kind and understanding tutor who takes time to get to know the student properly so she can devise a plan for the individual. She understood my daughters anxiety and made her feel at ease. She holds a lot of experience and knowing the expectations of the current curriculum I have full confidence that she will be able to assist my daughter with her English and Maths learning.”

Helen D

1-2-1 English tuition

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