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With online tuition, students get to experience the benefits of expert 1:1 tuition in their own home and at a time that suits them. 

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Helping students achieve through online tuition.
Online tutoring

Discover unlocked potential and the confidence that comes with it.

Many students prefer online learning than face to face meetings with a teacher. There is the technology in a single mobile phone that allows students to meet with their tutor on a regular basis, at a time that suits them. Now, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world; you can always access the best tuition for you.

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1:1 Tuition in your own home, at a time that suits you.

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Each online English lesson is tailored for the individual student.


Expert English tuition in your own home at times to suit you.


1:1 online tuition by a qualified teacher.


My Happy Students!

Jennie taught me throughout my English A-level, and I couldn't be more glad! Her lessons broke down hard passages and poems, making them understandable and enjoyable. Come exam time, my confidence was bolstered and I was able to get in to the uni of my choice with her support. I couldn't recommend her enough.
G Watson

Area of Expertise

Based in Reigate, JMTutoring has helped students obtain places in leading schools, including Eton and Westminster, since 2014. We have also helped to support the education of students in primary schools, and those who choose to be educated at home.

JMTutoring takes pride in being able to deliver English lessons online that help to reinforce the skills that students need to be able to achieve in their GCSEs. KS3 students follow individualised programmes that follow their school curriculum, but build on the strengths and address the weaknesses of each child. 

JMTutoring currently only provides specialist  online English tutoring at GCSE level. We teach across all major exam boards, including AQA, Edexcel, and WJEC.

Online tutoring is available for English Language, English Literature, and English Literature and Language combined, across all major exam boards. 

English Literature Tuition

English Literature

At GCSE, students in the UK will sit two exams for English literature, and will cover texts from Shakespeare to 19th century novels, modern prose and a range of poetry. 

Texts previously taught include:

  • Macbeth 
  • Romeo & Juliet
  • Frankenstein
  • Sign of Four
  • Jekyll and Hyde
  • An Inspector Calls, and many more. 
English Language

English Language

English Language is vital for anyone who goes on to study at college or in a 6th form. By studying the structure and use of language within a text, students develop the skills to decode bias and infer hidden meanings  and learn how to create meanings in their own writing. 

Through 1-2-1 tutoring, students study a range of different extracts from both fiction and non-fiction texts to replicate the styles of questions seen in their exams.

Frequently Asked Questions

Online Tuition

Online tuition takes place on ‘Zoom’ and individual meeting details are automatically generated when lessons are booked. 

English language and literature from KS2 up to degree.

We also offer online 11+ and tuition for entrance exams for selective schools.

Academic mentoring for university students.

That largely depends on the subject, and level being taken. 

All lessons require a camera, microphone, and device that the student can read easily from. A pen or pencil and a notebook or paper is also required, although older students may prefer to type their answers.

For students studying GCSEs and A levels they will need to ensure that they have the right copies of the text books ready at the start of each session.

Prices for online tuition start at £45 for a single lesson.

You can book and alter appointments through the scheduling page:

or contacting us for further information.

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