Home Education Specialist

Sharon Scotton is our home education specialist English tutor. Currently working entirely online, she tutors students in English from KS2 through to GCSE. Her enthusiasm for English knows no bounds and she is currently undertaking a masters degree in Shakespeare studies at the University of Birmingham. 

Sharon has extensive experience with students with additional educational needs as well as been running a variety of extra curricular clubs. This year, she is in charge of the Carnegie Reading group that meets online each Wednesday. 

Learning English Literature

About Me

I trained as a secondary teacher in 1987-1988 at Goldsmith’s College, London. 

Initially a scientist who loved literature and drama, I have evolved into a passionate English and drama teacher. I have taught English, Drama and Science at both junior and secondary levels as well as tutoring up to A level.  The support includes the development of good study habits and writing coherent, well-structured essays.

I am currently completing a two-year masters degree in ‘Shakespeare and Theatre’ with the renowned Shakespeare Institute, part of the University of Birmingham. 

A post-graduate course in child neurodevelopment with the Institute of Neurophysiological Psychology in Chester has enabled me to support and teach children of all abilities. These include specific learning challenges such as dyslexia, dyspraxia and school phobia. I am dyslexic myself but have never let it hold me back. 


My Passion

Reading is a lifelong addiction I am proud to admit to having. From literary classics, to detective fiction, to the incredible range of modern young adult fiction, through poetry and plays, I indulge in this addiction daily.

But, it’s not only reading that fires me up, it is writing and performing too. I write poetry, have been commissioned to write plays and short stories. Additionally, I run an inclusive performing arts charity for local children. I formed my first drama company at St Andrews University in 1985. In 2003, I founded a local inclusive theatre group based on the principles of Chickenshed, which is going strong, and where I am currently Chair.

One of my greatest joys in teaching is to see a student enthuse about the texts we read together. When the students I teach start to see and appreciate the craft that writers use to create images and emotions in the mind of the reader, when they begin to see the connections between those ideas and the history of the writer and/or the period, it is magical. 

A background in the sciences enables me to work with students who prefer science/maths and engender a love of English. I do this by teaching them in a way that makes sense to their more logical mindset. We explore the power and beauty of the written word, both fact and fiction.